Mar. 18th, 2011

krislaughs: (scrubbs - hmm)
Just read that the New York Times website is going to start charging a minimum of $15/month (that's $180/year) for unlimited access to its website.

Now, while I enjoy the Times more than any other news source out there and am perfectly willing to pay for that service, there's no way I can afford rates that high.

Netflix and Hulu charge half as much monthly for unlimited online access, and you can't tell me the kind of content/bandwidth they're offering is hugely less expensive to provide (not to mention that the times has ad revenue as well).

Ah well, it's off to find other sources of news for my morning. Between this and the republican's off shooting NPR, the liberal media is going to be unreachable soon for the vast majority. Wonder what *that's* going to do for the level of debate in this country...

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