Mar. 19th, 2011

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] lacylu42!!!

What a year it's been. You're a shining star Have a good one.
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If none of the many fandoms who have their own shiny werewolves do anything about this news, I may lose my faith in fangirls... ;)

Sadly, I have had multiple calls on emergency that start something like: "Someone shot my dog. It's leg is falling off." The reality can be anything from a small abscess opening to a pulverized limb hanging by a bit of skin. Last night was the second kind. I finish the amputation this morning, provided she did well overnight.

*Glares at NRA*

*worries that I live in a place where people do not only wave guns around threateningly, they USE them. On. Their. Neighbors'. Pets.*

I can't even remember what this bullet was supposed to be.

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