May. 9th, 2011

Off call

May. 9th, 2011 07:56 pm
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Oh, it was glorious to hear of a an emergency this evening-- and learn that someone else was sent out to it! (I did offer if he was getting swamped, but he graciously let me off the hook).

And, to be fair, this weekend was really not too bad. I just wish that I could relax on the not-bad weekends on-call, but instead, I hover around my cell phone, go to bed early in the hopes that the night will pass faster, and stay close to home all day.


I've been re-watching True Blood in preparation for season four. Up to episode 2x06, and I have to say, there were more things I enjoyed (Godric, Eric, and Jason/Sarah Newlin) in season two than I remember. Mostly, I got bored with the nonstop maenad orgies. I know, it's especially sad when a show can bore you with orgies. But what what can I say?

Mostly, I miss my other vampire show on Monday nights-- the one that had me looking forward to Monday nights. (I need an icon for that). Oh, Being Human...


Hehehee Sam and Daphne are fucking on the pool table. I love it!


I worked in the garden for a while today, since it's finally sunny and lovely and springlike outside. Planted peas and broccoli and lettuce, and the rest of the seeedlings will go in the ground after Memorial Day weekend (and the last chance of frost around here.)

The other spring flowers are out, and the fruit trees are finally blossoming.

I love this part of spring, the part where the days are long and the skies are clear. Not the part where you're wading through inches of mud to get anywhere you're going.


ETA: And Jessica/Hoyt!! So much love! :)

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