May. 13th, 2011

krislaughs: (Trueblood eric)
I'm a the airport waiting for my flight to little bro's graduation weekend in Minnesota.

Whew, what a long night. I finished work around seven, got called out a little after eight on emergencies, finished those around midnight, and was up at four to pack and head to the airport. But all's well now. At least it would be if I could get a colleague to return my call, to transfer my cases from last night.

ANYWAY, Long story short. I have no idea what happened in Vampire Diaries last night. Really, I ought to rewatch this entire season because I seem to attract emergencies around 8pm on Thursday nights, and I don't think I've gotten to watch a whole episode all the way through. Given the nature of the show, I suspect I've missed a few key points. But the important question is; How did everyone's favorite sociopathic vampire with a heart of gold fare??

Some day, I'd like to have a job that ended, you know, when I went home. But I don't think that's likely to happen any time soon. :)

Happy weekend.

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