May. 31st, 2011

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So many things.

1) The puppy I was fostering has been claimed by her original owners (the ones arrested, presumably on a drug charge, given where I live) and so I have to give her up again. Not sure how I feel about this.

2) Can't wait to see this week's Doctor Who. I was away the night it aired. But reading some fanfic-- and this is one of those things about fandom-- made me fall in love with the characters despite the frequent idiocies of the script itself, all over again. I really like this doctor, along with Amy and Rory, and I forget that sometimes. And I guess that seeing it through other fans' lenses is part of what makes fandom so great.

3) Been rereading A Madness of Angels in preparation to read the third book of the series The Neon Court, and I remember just how much I enjoyed Matthew Swift, too. It's basically a Love This Fictional Character week for me.

4) Decapitated a horse today (after it was already dead by my hand, of course). That was awkward. I suspect it had tetanus, but without a valid rabies vaccination (and given that rabies causes neurological disease not entirely unlike tetanus ANd that the there were about half a dozen human exposures if it was rabid), I had to submit the head to the state deptartment of ag for rabies testing. So, yes, "Hi, I have to euthanize your horse and cut off it's head in your yard. Sorry about the mess."

Luckily the student riding with me today was a good sport about the whole thing (being exposed to a possible rabies suspect as well as cutting off its head), so I took her out for ice cream afterwards. What? It was like ninety degrees out, and decapitation is hard work!

Moral of the story: VACCINATE, PLEASE! (for tetanus as well as rabies)

5) I really want to finish my Being Human/Inception crossover (see point #2)

6) Planted my little corner of the gardens in the backyard today. My landlord has plans for the other two big plots. But In mine, the tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, and various herbs are already thriving. yay! (the peas never sprouted, the lettuce is mad about the weather, and the broccoli is coming along slowly. I was late planting the garlic and onion.)

7) Officially in-training for the next half-marathon in September. I meant to run today, but it was already pushing ninety by seven this morning. I think tomorrow will be a little more temperate.

8) Went on a 12 mile bike ride yesterday with a buddy who cycles 30 miles (in an hour) just for fun. I was totally outclassed, but it was fun all the same.

9) Been looking through pictures that people on our boat took during my vacation last month. Gosh, it's nice to relive. Scuba diving is a brilliant sport!

I think that's all. Hope everyone's having nice day!

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