Jul. 15th, 2011

Rec me!

Jul. 15th, 2011 07:05 pm
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Okay, folks; TWO WHOLE DAYS OFF!! (followed by five days of work and a one-week VACATION. On the beach between dives. This means HEAPS of time for reading.)

So that means HIT ME

This weekend, I'd love recs for X-men First class plotty fic, AU okay, Charles/Xavier (what? It's more canon than canon) and Hank/Alex or Alex/Darwin. Not so much into Alex/Sean. Given the weekend (and, no, I don't have tickets yet. Bad fan, me) I'd read some classic Remus/Sirius HP fic. Also, Being Human US fic: always. Especially Aidan/Josh or TruBlood fic-- which I've never dabbled in since Charlene Harris writes it anyway *g*.

Next week, I'm placing an Amazon book order. I haven't gone the way of the kindle* but I'm looking for quality Urban Fantasy, really good straight fantasy or sci-fi, or surrealist/magical realism in fiction (esp Spanish authors).

*I have nothing against Kindles and I may go there for beach reading especially--less weight in my luggage and the Kindle, in particular, is functional in the sun. I like reading on a screen, as evidenced by all the fanfic I devour. I just a) really wish you could d/l large fanworks onto your kindle and b) wish that purchasing an e-title gave you more complete rights to it. Basically the cost is the same but the rights are far more limited than for buying a real book. I would, however, buy a "package" with the paper and digital versions included for some kind of discount...

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