Jul. 17th, 2011

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First, True Blood )

So, in summary, lots of abs, and almost, just before Alcide transformed, a hint of more.


In real life, not much new to report.

My kitten (who's not so much a kitten anymore, but a very small cat) ate one of Henry's pain pills, but I think I managed to get it all out of her stomach/system in time.

Henry's recovering well from the second surgery.

I have bad news for one of my favorite clients (one of my only almost-friends in town) that I've been dreading giving all weekend.

I feel like I've been leading along a guy (same guy as before) because I really really like hanging out with him, but the idea of anything more just sets me running for the hills. If only I could man up and tell him that's how I feel. But I think that would ruin my only other friendship in the region.

Been considering applying for another job, closer to Pittsburgh. I have a good idea of the pros and cons (my friend already works at the practice), but I haven't been able to take the plunge. The devil you know, I guess... IDEK

In more pleasant news, my XMFC Alex/Hank story that began with the very simple thought: "I want Hank to be really protective and badass, like a giant, blue guard dog" is now 4000 words and counting. Also, VACATION NEXT WEEK! I Cannot. Even. Wait.

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