Aug. 23rd, 2011

krislaughs: (BHUS josh er?)
Sent from my father, of all people:

Photo of the devastation of the East Coast earthquake )

I was supposed to have felt it, but to be honest, after the tires on my work truck got rotated last Friday, I was driving around in my own personal earthquake all day and didn't feel a thing other than that.

I saw Dylan Dog: Dead of Night and have to say that I enjoyed it in a guilty-pleasure sort of way. Sam Huntington is the bestest, even when he's losing body parts, although I do prefer him on Being Human, with a little more backbone... Brendan Routh has such girly-eyes and still manages to be pretty badass. Even though he gets tossed around a whole stinking lot. Definitely saw the end coming from about ten miles away, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

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