Oct. 19th, 2011

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Guh. So I might've spent most of Sunday (when not seeing to various and sundry emergencies) mainlining most of S1 and S2 Supernatural. Not gonna lie, it was great to go back and remember why that was such a fantastic show. I ought to do it more often.

In retrospect, though I enjoyed through about season 5, it did start to lose some of its... hold? or whatever during S3. But then there was the Christmas episode and... Guh. Boys.

Um, so yeah. I kinda want to go back and read really early fanfic.


Also been watching some X-men cartoons in the background. Blame it on Netflix's Watch!Instant offering and the utter lack of anything more interesting (*cough*republican debate or X-factor) on TV. They're a little awesome, though I have to giggle when I read that the target gemographic is boys age 8-10. Hee! :0

Oh, and in other Netflix-availabe cartoons (I swear this is relevant), Jensen Ackles was pretty sweet as Batman's nemesis in Under the Red Hood


Okay, that's all. Happy hump day.

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