Nov. 6th, 2011

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Twelve-ish hours left on-call. And yes, I do count them down. Yesterday was busy. Today was quiet. So far. I've found that every single time I start a specific project, whether it's taking Henry for a run or walk, cleaning something, calling parents, or cooking, someone calls with an emergency. If I do absolutely nothing, no one bothers me. Go figure.

- Patriots v. Giants tonight. EEE!! The only two teams I follow. Am alternately yelling at/cheering for both of them. So far, it's an awesome game. Down to the wire. I ♥ Brady. But I also ♥ Eli Manning.

- In my time of doing nothing, I did manage to catch up on Once Upon a Time as well as Grimm. I'm still a little 'meh' about both. I think I'll keep up with them when I have free time, but not make time to watch, if that makes sense.

- I miss my summer shows already.

- Limited Release was finished! Speaking of summer shows, this is the bestest XMFC/White Collar crossover EVAR! Might've stayed up ungodly late last night reading.

- Dreams have been no less odd but at least less anxiety-ridden the last couple of nights.

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