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So... so many things.

1. Saw War Horse last night. spoilers, but not really )

2. Read The Night Circus by Erin Morganstern. thoughts )

3. I knew, when I was saying all last week that 44 degrees and muddy was creepy for January, I would regret it. Today is bloody cold. And the new, energy star windows in the house are surprisingly drafty--I mean, like there's a cutting wind blowing through my room kind of draft.

4. I took off work early, because no more appointments were scheduled and since I just agreed to add a shitload more on-call in the spring (covering a colleague having a baby) I figured, what the hell. The extra emergency work means I'm going to be stressed out and kind of a beast for a few months but I'll be making more money and, if by some miracle, I get a residency spot, it'll be nice to save up some extra now.

5. So all I really want to do this afternoon is ski a little and curl up under the covers with some hot chocolate, a good book, and my dog. However, what I'm supposed to do this afternoon is drive to Ithaca for another interview tomorrow. If this one goes badly, I may just bag the third one next weekend, and look for another new job for the summer. These residency interviews are a lot of time and a whole lot of driving, and not worth it if I don't have a chance to begin with.

I'm being cynical. But also realistic, given the current market.
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So, I was seriously debating just working around the house this weekend, doing productive things like reorganizing my filing cabinet (with label-maker in hand), tossing 8-year-old tax documents, etc. But a friend wanted to go into Pitttsburgh for dinner and a movie.

Though the house and filing cabinet are still messy, I'm glad I came. We tried a new Ethiopian restaurant (AWESOME. Tasteless jokes about famine aside, it really is one of my favorite ethnic cuisines) and saw Ides of March.

Spoilers under color-cut FWIW )
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A friend and I went on a pleasant 10.5 mile run this morning (the same loop [ profile] ignipes and I did last spring) where I'm going to run the half-marathon next week. It was like a course-preview/review, and it went really well.


I scrubbed all the carpets of pet-residue on my hands and knees this afternoon. If only my landlord could see them now.

And when I buy my first place, it will have nary a carpet (unless it's one destined to be removed), I SWEAR.


Um, I was thinking that if I ever had kids. Which I am totally not thinking about. I'd have twin boys.

I also think this thought makes me officially crazy.


I got A Solitary Man from Netflix the other night, and I can't get it out of my head. Fandom, WHY did you not tell me Nicholas Hoult was the younger/gay love interest in a Colin Firth film? Or that both he and Colin were AWESOMESAUCE. This is one of my new favorite movies, in the category of favorite movies where American Beauty lies.

Just. Look. )


True Blood finale: HOLY SHIT, WTF!?!

That is all I have to say for now. Or without spoiler tags.
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Sent from my father, of all people:

Photo of the devastation of the East Coast earthquake )

I was supposed to have felt it, but to be honest, after the tires on my work truck got rotated last Friday, I was driving around in my own personal earthquake all day and didn't feel a thing other than that.

I saw Dylan Dog: Dead of Night and have to say that I enjoyed it in a guilty-pleasure sort of way. Sam Huntington is the bestest, even when he's losing body parts, although I do prefer him on Being Human, with a little more backbone... Brendan Routh has such girly-eyes and still manages to be pretty badass. Even though he gets tossed around a whole stinking lot. Definitely saw the end coming from about ten miles away, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
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Made it back upstate this afternoon after the ultimate in reaxing weekends and beautiful fall day-drives. Returned to the rental car agency. The man at the booth was really nice, but I wonder if his head was really in it.

I don't usually correct other people's math, but sometimes it's a public service. )

So then I went to the auto repair place and got my car back. I asked the girl how it was. she said "great". I turned it on. I bet you can guess what happened next... )

I also saw Catch and Release last night, the movie with Jennifer Garner and Kevin Smith. Odd to hear him *talk* in a movie, but it was really pretty cute overall, and left me with that warm, fuzzy, feeling. now must watch Heroes and count down the minutes until Thursday night.

But the best thing about long weekends? is that they're followed by SHORT weeks. Woo hoo!!

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