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Nov. 13th, 2011 07:00 pm
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So, I made a Big Life Decision (tm) today, and am very pleased with it. So pleased that, instead of the procrastination new-job applications have received over the last few weeks, residency applications went fast and smooth as glass today. So, yeah, I can't believe it, but I'm very excited about the idea of going back to school (again) for a residency in diagnostic imaging. If I get it (very competetive, so it's a slim chance, but still a chance), I would be a veterinary radiologist in three and a half years. So... yeah. :)

I'm feeling really good about it. Even if it doesn't pan out, I'm feeling really good about knowing that I feel good about it. So it's a win-win.


Anyway, I feel like writing little fannish blurbs while I do my letter of intent. So... prompt me!

You probably know the fandoms, but: XMFC, Being Human US, Good Omens, Firefly, Inception, Vampire Diaries, True Blood are the ones I'm thinking about most recently.
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HAPPY BIRTDAY [ profile] ignipes!!

You're a shining star and a wealth of talent. Every day you make the world a more beautiful and interesting place. Keep it up, yo!

What if

Nov. 7th, 2011 09:05 pm
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What if the world was made of more idealists than pragmatists?
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Twelve-ish hours left on-call. And yes, I do count them down. Yesterday was busy. Today was quiet. So far. I've found that every single time I start a specific project, whether it's taking Henry for a run or walk, cleaning something, calling parents, or cooking, someone calls with an emergency. If I do absolutely nothing, no one bothers me. Go figure.

- Patriots v. Giants tonight. EEE!! The only two teams I follow. Am alternately yelling at/cheering for both of them. So far, it's an awesome game. Down to the wire. I ♥ Brady. But I also ♥ Eli Manning.

- In my time of doing nothing, I did manage to catch up on Once Upon a Time as well as Grimm. I'm still a little 'meh' about both. I think I'll keep up with them when I have free time, but not make time to watch, if that makes sense.

- I miss my summer shows already.

- Limited Release was finished! Speaking of summer shows, this is the bestest XMFC/White Collar crossover EVAR! Might've stayed up ungodly late last night reading.

- Dreams have been no less odd but at least less anxiety-ridden the last couple of nights.
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So, I've not ben posting much at all.

Short story: Still here.

Long story: Been thinking about making Big Life Decisions (tm) which are a little frightening, so I, er, haven't actually gotten past the 'thinking about them' stage. That said, I think action will be for the better. Just gotta DO it, it being action and all.


Other news: I just mainlined The Black Prism by Brent Weeks.

spoilers? Not really. I wouldn't do that to you. )
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Two feet of snow before Halloween. But we still have power. Booyeah.

Stay safe out there.
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It's been a week.

  • I got out on-time today, but am about to be called back in to euthanize and decapitate a stray dog that bit some people for rabies testing (yes, you did read that right. Is it any wonder horror movies make no impression?)

  • Had a bunch of surgeries. Tapped the pericardium (sack that encloses the heart) on a dog I've been treating for a while. This procedure always makes me hold my breath but feel really accomplished when it's a) over and b) the dog improves.

  • Got totally hoodwinked by a guy on only compounds bad-luck in dating recently. I'm about to get to the point of not bothering anymore. Unless something (someone) good happens soon.

  • Going to visit my aunts in western MA this weekend. I'd like to end up living/working in the Berkshires, so this is a feel-it-out trip I'm looking forward to. I hope I make the plane tomorrow; since my colleague is going to be at a hearing most of the afternoon, I'll be covering appointments, so it's going to be close.

  • Got a lot written on my Alex/Hank epic. I left it alone for a while and enjoyed re-reading it. That's a good sign, right?

Hope you all (that's younz in Pittsburghese) are having a good one!
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Oh, that stage of cleaning when things are temporarily much messier than when you started.

But I think I want to go to bed now. Finish tomorrow.
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So, I was seriously debating just working around the house this weekend, doing productive things like reorganizing my filing cabinet (with label-maker in hand), tossing 8-year-old tax documents, etc. But a friend wanted to go into Pitttsburgh for dinner and a movie.

Though the house and filing cabinet are still messy, I'm glad I came. We tried a new Ethiopian restaurant (AWESOME. Tasteless jokes about famine aside, it really is one of my favorite ethnic cuisines) and saw Ides of March.

Spoilers under color-cut FWIW )
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Guh. So I might've spent most of Sunday (when not seeing to various and sundry emergencies) mainlining most of S1 and S2 Supernatural. Not gonna lie, it was great to go back and remember why that was such a fantastic show. I ought to do it more often.

In retrospect, though I enjoyed through about season 5, it did start to lose some of its... hold? or whatever during S3. But then there was the Christmas episode and... Guh. Boys.

Um, so yeah. I kinda want to go back and read really early fanfic.


Also been watching some X-men cartoons in the background. Blame it on Netflix's Watch!Instant offering and the utter lack of anything more interesting (*cough*republican debate or X-factor) on TV. They're a little awesome, though I have to giggle when I read that the target gemographic is boys age 8-10. Hee! :0

Oh, and in other Netflix-availabe cartoons (I swear this is relevant), Jensen Ackles was pretty sweet as Batman's nemesis in Under the Red Hood


Okay, that's all. Happy hump day.


Oct. 15th, 2011 08:46 pm
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For what it's worth, I do understand that the veterinary-approved flea products are more expensive than the Walmart (Hartz, Sargents, Bio-spot etc.) ones, but a visit to the veterinarian is more expensive than that.

As a vet who's lost many hours of sleep and free time to sick cats in the last week after application of one of these OTC products, PLEASE consider using Frontline, Advantage, Revolution, or Vectra on your kitties. They do work. (I would know. I hate fleas and get covered by them from unprotected animals at work every day. I have never seen one on my pets. I use product year-round.) They are safe when used as labeled. And I make no money from the companies.

You can walk into the office to pick them up. You don't need an appointment. There are lots of deals and promotions now that there are so many competing on the market; just ask.

Please? I'd like fewer fleas and fewer sick kitties in the world.


In other news, I'm on call this weekend and hoping it's a quiet one. The phone's been ringing off the hook. I'm currently waiting for one guy to decide whether he's bringing in the cat who seems toxic after multiple flea dips and baths today. *facepalm*
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An open letter to my dog:

Those who do not like baths should avoid rolling in dead things.

I probably like fleas even less than you do.

The extra-special dog treats are not buried in the kitty litter.

We already went for a long walk today.

Tongues don't actually clean dishes better than sponges do.

There's this thing called daylight savings time...

The nail clipper is not possessed.

Is there any chance we could limit the puking to tiled floors?

These shoes are made for walking. Not chewing.

And the final thing I'd tell my dog if he understood me is that I love him anyway.

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Ummm, count me in for being clueless as to when it started.

I mean, I could wait until NEXT YEAR for it to air on Syfy, but in the meantime, does anyone know where a fangirl could find d/l links?

pretty pretty please?

I mean, not that I'm really really holding my breath that Arthur will FINALLY figure shit out this season, but... yeah... A girl can hope.
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YAY! Three-day weekend is finally here after only twelve days of work. :-D

Okay, so I'd like to be writing. And to talk about stories. Preferably XMFC. I made Indian curry with mushrooms and salmon for dinner. I opened a bottle of wine I'd been saving, and it's just as LOVELY as expected (despite the staining on the cork, that terrified me it would be spoilt).

I'm almost done re-reading Jane Eyre and... dude, there's so much more sexual tension in that novel than I was even aware of in middle school. :-P It's great. I'm thinking I ought to re-read Wuthering Heights...

Simul-reading The Subtle Knife and The Neon Court, and it's a little surrealistic. I love it.


Um, here's a snippet of one I've been working on that--the whole doesn't flow at all, but I really like this moment. Flying for the first time )


Okay. That's what I got. Gonna see if Terra Nova is available OnDemand.
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I have just a few things to say about TVD tonight. And they're definitely spoilery this time )


So far, only one emergency tonight. And she's fine. :)


In other, other news: it may take like four hours, but I really rally need to organize my tags. Gulp!
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So, I was thinking about science fiction, and you know what I'd really like to read? A story in which time travel (via delorian or cry-preservation-stasis or whatever) can only happen in one direction.

You can jump into the future as often and as far as you want, but you can't ever go back. You can bypass the hard parts of life, but then you miss them and people grow up/move on without you.

Or you can go back to the way things were, live them again, but everyone will move on (or have moved on) without you.

I dunno. I just think that if you knew, going into it, that it was a one-way trip, it would change the entire dynamic of time travel on a personal level. And that's what I'd like to read about.


I'd also like to read the end of that XMFC fic, Limited Release. I'm rather certain it's an orphan at this point, and that makes me rather sad. I'm pretty sure where it's going, but that's not the point. The point is that it's been such a fun story to get there so far.


Which is why I don't read WIPs. Hell, I have enough orphans on my desktop as it is anyway.


Speaking of XMFC fic, has anyone read any good stories about the trip back from Russia for Charles, Emma, Moira and Erik? When they know they've been duped and bad things are happening back home, and they just can't get there fast enough. OH, and they also have to keep Emma contained for the duration of the trip?
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I spent way more time playing with This Infinite Photo from Nat Geo than I probably should have.

So I give it to you.
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I had evening appointments tonight. Luckily, the last two or so cancelled, so I managed to finish on time (don't ask). There were so many fleas. So, so many fleas.

Have I mentioned recently how much I hate fleas?

There were also so many angry dogs who got diagnosed from across the room. I call this "creative medicine."


Vampire Diaries: this really is the show of a thousand plots. Don't ever change, yeah?

I will be kinda sad if the tension between Elena-Stephan-and Damon ever has a resolution. Hmm.

And, n'awww, Klaus just wants an army to WUVVV him!


I've been re-reading Kate Griffin's Urban Magic (Matthew Swift) series. Gowd, I love the magic in those books.

As much as I enjoy fantasy, there are few conceptions of magic that I really *feel*, you know? This is one.
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First run since the race, and I felt pretty good. I'm jonesing to sign up for another one. Preferably in NYC--the big one in January is closed for registration, though. :(


Does anyone use those barefoot running shoes? I know it's just a big fad, but I'm kind of curious to try it. Recommendations for different brands? How to get started training in them? Whether it's worth it when I go on muddy trails (which is more than half the time)?


The guy I was kind of into clearly did not feel the same about me. Ah well. Back to the drawing board (aka


Glee last night was... I wasn't overly impressed; not with the story, the songs, anything really. I'm glad it's back, and I'm hoping for another great season. We shall see.


I think that's all. Not on-call tonight. Whee!

You know what I miss? Vampire shows. I'm gonna catch up on Vampire Diaries and wish it was time for the new Being Human season. Maybe read/write some fic.
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Yet another installment in the saga of oddly political dreams:

I am suddenly the newest member in what was, prior to my joining, an angsty/metal/boy band. We play at a local cafe where, during our first performance, the rest of the group realizes that I HAVE NO MUSICAL TALENT WHATSOEVER (True in real life, too). Somehow, they cover for me. There are songs and it's all like a weird music video. I am playing an instrument not unlike a melodic kazoo. And then the band splits up because two of the guys are ulta-conservatives. I stay to hang with the liberal half of the band. Sometime around this point I wake up.

Seriously, brain?

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